Sunday, October 27, 2013

LAIKA Creative Challenge: Brand New Umbrella

So.... I've been following LAIKA on Facebook for a bit. They have this monthly creative challenge that allows their follower friends to make something cool. For the month of October, then sent out 10 foam pumpkins to the first 10 people to answer a question posted on their FB page.... and I got one!

I live in a bad area, so I had the pumpkin sent to a friends house so the package wouldn't get stolen. This meant I got it a bit late so I was pressed for time–but I was gonna do the best, darndest job I could!

Right now, the best materials and resources I have are in fabric, wire, and sculpey clay, so that's what I went with. In honor of Halloween, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and the stylings of Edward Gorey and Ronald Searle, I created this little guy:

"Brand New Umbrella"

A little furry guy on stilts with skates! He's so excited...
Yeah, the pumpkin–it's under there!

I hope you enjoyed,

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