Sunday, January 5, 2014

Colorful Winter: New Coat!

I've always loved the textures, patterns, and colors that come with clothing and other fabric based items. I've recently decided to tap into all my loves to find my passion(s), and designing and creating clothing is something that has definitely stuck.

I've always been one to be super crafty and make anything that sounded cool, but I've decided to start learning how to really, really sew. Thanks to a friend, I'm now teaching myself by reading and using a legitimate textbook on drafting and making clothing patterns.

How did it go? I. LOVED. IT.

In Order To Learn We Must First Try

This idea of practicing sewing to learn, combined with the most amazing fact that I've lost 50lbs last year, has helped me decide to start making all the new clothes that I need. Because of the cold climate I live in, the most recent item of need has been a warm winter coat.

Full skirt in full swing: Colorful coat!

I'm a colorful person who finds black, tan, and the typical color coats to be boring, so I made sure this one had a different color palette. :) I had so much fun making this coat!!! I wanted it to be fully lined inside and the outside made from 100% wool. I ordered the wool from the Dorr Mill Store in New Hampshire. This wool is warm and very pretty. Double win!

The handmade red buttons are a win. I will be making more!

As always with learning curves, there are things I would change if I made the coat again, but I am most definitely pleased with how it turned out.

The deep hood helps keep me warm. I like the how
the lining turned out too!

I get comments on the coat everywhere I wear it, and it keeps me toasty warm. Most importantly, I like it, so the project was a win. Next project: Dress slacks. I've already got the fabric and my fingers are itching...

Happy Winter & Happy New Year!

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