Saturday, March 22, 2014

Fan Art!: The Bird and the Bee

So, I've really been wanting to do a music poster for a band for a while now. 
I was listening around and found a gem by the Bird and the Bee called
 "Love Letter to Japan."
...and then I saw this poster in my head:

I thought it would match the 70's throwback references, the cuteness, 
the tongue-in-cheek social humor. Case in point: the music video.

The Lyrics go like this:

"My beloved, oh my sweet
All the gifts you have given me
The patience and the peace,
Cherry blossoms and the candy,
I am yours, I am yours
For as long, for as long as you will have me...

From the west to the east I have flown to be near you
I have come all this way to be close, to be here with you
And now, all my heart I will lay down precisely at your feet..."

And all of their music has this awkward awesomeness about them. 
Which subsequently reminds me of this music video:

*Sigh... I think I'm in love.
And I'm pretty sure this is what I look like while I'm dancing at Zumba...
and I don't care. :)

"Dress classy and dance cheesy."
Psy got it right.


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