Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I Wear Pants Pants

You wear short shorts!
I wear pants pants!

These are my super wide leg tan dressy slacks with green piping and handmade, hand-painted buttons. Now doesn't that sound posh? I also made the plum stretchy cotton shirt that has the breezy cutout in the sleeves. That's air conditioning for you. Very nice. AND I also made the little green peter pan vest. The binding was a pain, but I finally got the hang of it! It only took me three tries, ha ha ha. I'd say that  it was a win!

Again, I designed the clothing, drafted the pattern, cut, stitch, etc. Again, I'm having love affairs and late night trysts with sewing text books. My goal is to make clothing that is high quality, that looks great, feels great, and wears great. Something I love so much that I wear it out.

Speaking of love, I love wearing these pants to work, with the exception being windy days. It's like I'm trying to walk with two sails attached to my legs! All jokes aside, I think I will enjoy wearing this outfit this spring.  It's different and I think I look cute, and I like those two things. :)

Next on the radar for my learning to sew adventure: a Katwise style sweater coat! I'm very, very excited. Bring on the patchwork colors!
Happy Spring!

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